KOFEiN® - it is coffee, first of all. Coffee is our speciality. Our coffee is good – because it is thoroughly selected, freshly roasted, skillfully brewed, and properly served. It is speciality * coffee.
We are uncompromising, concerning the coffee. We select and buy the best green coffee, roast and brew it using highest quality professional equipment. Baristas of KOFEiN® proved high professionalism, winning in all national barista competitions. They are known internationally, representing Ukraine in many world barista competitions.

True, one can’t be satisfied with sole coffee. That’s why in KOFEiN®you have something to eat and to drink. Here we also are very demanding to quality.
The first coffeebar KOFEiN® was opened winter morning the December 21st 2003. It is at the Rymarskaya (Harness-makers ) str, in Kharkiv, in the basement of one of oldest Kharkiv’s houses.
First customers, many became the habitués - have been people of art, business, coffee lovers of all professions. Following their demanding coffee taste – we started on a journey to the world of coffee. The journey lead us far away from the easy and pawed “bye cheap, sell expensive” way. Sometimes intuitively, striving to make our coffee better and better – we became probably the most speciality coffee company in Ukraine.
Now we are in 6 cities of Ukraine.
The coffee world is relatively young. The mankind drinks wine for about 8000 years, tea – more than 3000 years. So, 500-700 years of the coffee history are the “early childhood”, and we hope for many bright discoveries ahead.

*What is speciality coffee http://scae.com/about-us/what-is-speciality-coffee.html


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