Ukrainian pourover

Ukrainian pourover


Once upon a time ... not in the past Friday, but  2012 – we’ve discovered pourover:



Then I wrote about the "perfect coffee tool"... Also I wrote, it was invented by the frau from  Germany - Melitta Benz, improved and "hyped" by the Japanese and Americans. And industrially produced by all who could and who would - Chinese, Swedes, Poles and many others who have hands "properly installed".  Well, why Ukrainians would be worse than others? We are not worse. Although not the best. We are those who are. And now, this is the perfect coffee tool, made  in Ukraine:


Have you heard of the Ukrainian potters? Well, near Kiev there is Trypillya, 5 or 6 thousand years old ancient potters’ town… And hundreds of pottering villages, scattered everywhere around Ukraine. Clay whistles, Cossack pipes, wood-oven steamed milk, poppy-pot ... And the eternal symbol of Ukraine – a pot drying at lath fence ...


Ukrainian potters mold pots over millenia. It’s impossible to imagine civilization without the potters. They began to make pots as far as the Stone Ages, when humanity still did not know the metal. Over the millennia, people have learned to make tableware with metal, glass, porcelain, paper and all plastics. And during these times potters were molding their clay.


Now electricity  drives potters’ wheels,  potters mark their clay deposits, using GPS’s pip-pip, and sending digital pictures of their pots over the internet and Wi-Fi ... Nowadays we can see  “hard-crystal”  pots not only at the lath fences, but also as pictures on modern analogues of ancient clay tablets – “liquid crystal” tablets:


I hope, you’ve grip already ... Remember the idea or scribble it to your “clay tablets”: at current period of human civilization there is the perfect coffee tool - Ukrainian ceramic pourover:



Civilization is civilization, but life is really short to drink bad coffee J.

Therefore, "sweet babies" - ask about the pourovers in KofeIn and Koffishka...


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