“The time is coming, when birds arrive from the South”. That time we intend to fly in opposite direction, to Colombia...



“The time is coming, when birds arrive from the South”. That time we intend to fly in opposite direction, to Colombia...

 There is the old song “The time is coming, when birds arrive from the South”. The time is now. But, while they arrive, KofeIn’s barista Oleksander Galitsyn intends to depart. To Colombia, to the World Barista Championship.


First time in it’s 12 years history the WBC will take place in the coffee growing country.

It will be  the 4th World Barista Championship, where baristas of KofeIn compete.


We prepare seriously for every of the championships. That time Oleksander started practicing for more than two months before the competition. Recently he visited the Colombian Embassy in Moscow, to receive visa. Ukraine Barista Championship sponsor,  Buondi – reseved air tickets and hotel in Bogota for him.

For Oleksander’s training KofeIn rented the Aurelia WBC coffee machine. The machine now is working at the coffeebar on the Lenina Prospect in Kharkiv. Now it is the most important question, to select  coffee for the Championship. The coffee will be estimated by the world most refined coffee stars, including World Cuptasting Champions, World Barista Champions, greatest coffee experts from around the globe. See the WBC judges list http://worldbaristachampionship.com/judges/list-of-2011-2012-judges/

Sure, we strive to create the descent espresso blend, to please them. But also we strive to please our coffee customers in Ukraine. As some commercial says “Not all coffee created equal”  We have digged out some really exclusive coffees, deserving attention of most demanding coffee gourmet.

For the championship we’ve created two espresso blends. These blends were included into the menu of KofeIn coffeebars.  Any customer can taste these blends and estimate them. In menu the blends are “Chocolate Passat”  and “Hot Scirocco”. In a while we wouldn’t clue on the composition.  The Passat is created from two high end  speciality Ethiopian and two Brazilian coffees. The Scirocco includes some rare Brazilian Bourbon  variety, and the best Indian coffee from the Balmaadi Estate. The Balmaadi is so unique… They are really the people “…who led lives stranger than anything Haroun al Raschid dreamed of; and they live in a life wild as that of the Arabian Nights", as Mr.Kipling wrote











To be short, welcome to KofeIn… We’ve just opened the  coffeebar in Yalta, Crimea…


And, after all.  Remember, life is too short to drink bad coffee



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