Rules of Churrasco Bar

1. Tell about churrasco to everybody!

2. In the battle with churrasco participate only two - you and your churrasco-set

3. Meat changes one by one, churrasco-man comes every 15 minutes, the order does not change

4. If you give up, throw a red card - food supply stops!

5. You with your friends want churrasco-set - everyone at the table is considered UNLIMITED churrasco-set. Additional snacks and beverages need to pay by the menu.

6. The company wants only beer and snacks from the menu - think only beer and snacks from the menu. Mixed companies do not happen.

7. Food comes indefinitely

8. You can not take churrasco-set to go

9. Manager has the right to stop the continuation of the meal, at the end of the first round

10. In case you broke the dishes you must pay for this.

PS Who first came into the Churrasco bar, agrees with the rules automatically :)


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